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幸运飞艇必赢技巧:[Wake up] A-share investment institutions have drawn these priorities; brokers are publicly optimistic about growth stocks!

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内容摘要:After [economic] data plan focused on economic data saw the first half of the A-share investment institutions draw the focus of theseLooking...

[economic] data plan focused on economic data saw the first half of the A-share investment institutions draw the focus of these

Looking ahead, Industrial Bank chief economist Lu political commissar of the view that consumption is still expected upward. First, the second quarter of the median income of urban residents increased cumulative growth rate, and second domestic consumer demand to expand the dividend policy to release details .

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[ real estate taxes Real estate tax is expected to accelerate the introduction of statistics The bureau rarely mentioned the signal unusually.

On July 16, at the national economic performance conference in the first half of 2018, the spokesman of the National Bureau of Statistics Mao Shengyong said that from the next development of real estate, the central government further strengthened and Improve macroeconomic regulation and control, and at the same time, further efforts from the supply side, including accelerating the implementation of real estate tax-related policy initiatives, achieving multi-agent supply, multi-channel guarantee, accelerating the implementation of a series of supporting policies such as renting and selling rights, and better promoting real estate Smooth and healthy development, promote long-term mechanism construction It is better to realize the basic positioning of " house is used to live instead of ".

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[hold] the first time in April net capital industry's first net now hold!

data show date announcement shall prevail statistics, since 7 _ 89456 _ 35 _ 65473 _ 97 early, holding a net increase of industrial capital market value of 536 million yuan , for the first time in nearly four months, a net increase of holding. March 2018 to June, net holdings of industrial capital continuous, four months respectively, a net reduction of 6.467 billion yuan, 2.502 billion yuan, 8.885 billion yuan and 9.633 billion yuan.

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[strategy] bottom brokerage market will grind higher the more growth stocks rebound is expected to become a pioneer

to rally round, the rebound is more likely to be a pioneer in growth stocks: First, medium and long term, the direction of economic transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry is the field of consumer upgrades, growth stocks with strong long-term logic. Second, the policy direction is also positive for growth stocks, and relevant industrial policies will be tilted toward the new economy, such as 5G investment, semiconductor industry funds, and national large aircraft projects. Third, the continued growth stock valuation swings down significantly, current small board, the GEM refers valuation has been with the level in June 2013 when the Shanghai Composite Index 1849 points in the 25th quite.

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fund in the third quarter [strategy] optimistic about growth stocks to focus on the consumer computer industry in the first half

, A-share market experienced a more substantial adjustments, the index fell significantly. In the third quarter, how does the public fund judge the market? Recently, China Life Insurance, Central Europe, China Merchants, Qianhai United and other fund company have released investment strategies in the third quarter and the second half. In general, the fund is more optimistic about growth stocks, computer, consumption, etc. are the key industries .

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fund size] [size of the first half increased 1.5 trillion of private equity raised a smaller scale than a decade ago, growth in the first half

private equity venture capital fund primarily by private contributions to the class, the size of the private placement of securities Continue to shrink. The scale of equity investment in public funds is quite awkward. Compared with a decade ago, the overall scale has shrunk by hundreds of billions.

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[FOF] "FOF investment goods group does not exceed 5%" trigger raised a huge controversy

While the establishment is less than a year, but FOF market has changed dramatically, especially the "public offering FOF investment monetary Fund ratio should not exceed 5% "of the restrictions caused huge controversy in the industry. Supporters say This limitation is mainly to prevent the risk of money market fund , back to basics raised FOF asset allocation fund categories; opponents argue that the cargo base is a minimal risk fund category, funds idle when configured in goods based not only compliance but also money to be made, the Christian Democrats is responsible for the performance.

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Money Tips

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